Review by Vivek


Silverline Realties team made my entire {{services}} journey hassle-free making it my strong recommendation to family and friends

Review by Vinod Panda


This property builder in Nashik Road, Nashik made everything easy and trouble-free from start to finish

Review by Dilawar Mulla


I have my own property and I was looking for a builder who can build a stylish apartment for me. I met a number of eager builders and then I selected this builder. All thanks to the builder, I am a proud owner of a stylish apartment today and thus, I would recommend this builder to everyone.

Review by Dr Mital Jaiswal


Awesome Silverline Realties without any hassle for construction of my building in Nashik Road, Nashik

Review by Puneet


Around a year back, I contacted this builder and successfully closed a number of deals regarding building on my properties. This builder makes use of the latest technologies and has immense knowledge. I loved the suggestions this builder provided me for the better building of the structure. I am glad that I made the decision of choosing this builder.

Review by Amol Raghatate


I have known this builder from quite long as one of my friends has contacted the builder for his own property building matter. I selected this builder because I have already seen the work done by him. The best thing about this builder is being particular about the commitments and do not get strayed. I got indulged in a building contract with the builder and got a three builder floor project done for myself.